Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Indian Members of Parliament (MP) armed with iPad - Going Hightech

Indian MPs going Hightech

The Indian members of parliament (MP), though countable on fingers, started thinking out of the box. They are very tech savy now and going hightech. They are not lagging behind any IT professional, at least in terms of using the electronic gadgets. They are armed with the latest technology available in the world.
At least a Hightech Bharatiya Janata Party MP, Anil Madhav Dave thinks in the similar fashion. He uses the famous iPad tablet for his personal and official work. The reader should know that he a member of parliament from Madhya Pradesh, where most of the people lives behind poverty line and might not have seen a TV, leave about hearing a name, IPad. The honorable MP thinks that using an iPad and other electronic product in day to day life, will reduce the paper and paper related work by at least 80%. Well, I also agree with him.
Not only the political leaders but other famous leaders from different part of the society also started thinking in the same way. They are using latest hightech gadgets like smartphone, tablets including iPad and Android based. Some of you may also think that how much useful these devices will be if Indian government starts distributing it to every MP? To get the full advantage of these kind of device, most of the MP should start using such kind of stuffs. There will not be any benefit if one or two MP are using such devices.

Capability Issue

It also raises a big question in front of us. How many Indian member of parliaments are capable of using such advance devices? Several MP might not be knowing that how to sign a document simply because of the reason that they don't know writing either in Hindi or English.
I believe, We (Indian MPs at lest) have to go a log way to integrate these technological advancements as a part of our life.
You can also check out this link for more details. We can conclude that indian members of parliament are going hightech and armed with ipad and other similar devices but it will years to come to see the actual change in indian society.


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