Friday, September 16, 2011

While Loop : An SQL Server 2005 alternative for cursors

While Loop in SQL Server

SQL Server 2005 alternative for cursors is While loop. SQL Server 2005 provides a while loop which we can use to iterate through any table having at least one column. The column must have unique value (primary key is generally prefered). A sample code is provided below which is MSSQL Server Specific code and is at least 5 times faster than cursor.
Declare @PresentIDint;
Set @PresentID = (Select min(column_name) from your_table );
/*Starts the iterrational loop*/
While @PresentID is not null
/*Code segment where you have access to @PresentID*/
/*Next line required to keep iterating*/
Set @PresentID = (Select min(column_name) from your_table where column_name > @PresentID);

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Cursor is an SQL Server 2000 feature similar to the iteration loop available in the several programming languages.  The nearest match for Cursor is While loop and For Loop in the programming languages. Cursor should be avoided as much as possible.
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